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Director of Operations for SPUD.ca is talking about benefits of PosiTrace GPS Tracking solution for their business.

Moving Company - Ferguson Moving and Storage Ltd.

How Ferguson Moving and Storage enhanced operational processes and customer service by being able to view their trucks in real-time report the location of shipments to customers.

Service company - Advance Towing

Moe Shokra, General Manager of Advance Towing, talking about key how PosiTrace GPS Tracking System helped his company save.

I chose Global Fleet Management because they offer the tracking features, maintenance logs and reporting functions I need to give my business that edge in the marketplace. Their team is knowledgeable, timely and great to work with. I recommend any company to consider Global Fleet Management if you want to save on money and time.

Sam Schick, General Manager, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Chicago

The team at Global Fleet Management is outstanding. We are saving money and improving our operations. I can now track my whole fleet right from my PDA! Installing the GPS systems was one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

I highly recommend Global Fleet Management to all of my colleagues, and they thank me for it.

Aloha Construction

You were always there when I needed you and that says a lot. Global Fleet Management is a great company - you worked hard to realize my needs. The features you suggested were fantastic. You were always there when I needed you and that says a lot. I thank you for all your help and support. Global Fleet Management worked for me.

Joseph Menscik, Joey Window Fashion.

There is great security and convenience in knowing where your trucks/fleet are at any given moment. The overall daily efficiency and accountability by my Truck Teams have improved remarkably! Global Fleet Management is a great company, they work hard to make their customers happy and the features offered are fantastic. I know their customer service is always a phone call away. Global Fleet Management works for me.

General Manager, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Victoria.

We rely on having accurate information to benefit our customers and our employees. When we have customers phone us and they need to know where our trucks are, it took a lot of time in the past to phone the driver and ask him where he was and then get back to the customer and give them an update where the truck was. Since contacting Global Fleet Management, we were able to get a tremendous solution for our company. We can now see our trucks live at any time and report to our customers where their shipments are with instant feedback. We’ve gotten excellent savings as well - we’ve saved over 3.5% on our operational expenses.

From fuel savings, payroll savings and just time management savings with our staff and our customers.

Lorne MacInnes, Ferguson Moving and Storage.

GPS Tracking System from Global Fleet Management helped us to have a better view of our trucks and see exactly what drivers do and how our customers are being serviced. We can also check out where the truck has been. It helps security of our trucks and operations. It helps us save many things, most importantly the fuel. I would recommend Global Fleet Management to anybody. We are very happy with them.

Moe Shokra, Advance Towing.

The live tracking is a great asset, you always know where your trucks are and what routes the drivers are taking:
- It allows us to coach our guys to choose better routes
- Helps us with traffic
The maintenance reminders
Amazingly useful
Everything in one place
No system to maintain
It does it all
Geo fencing:
- Allows us to know if guys are going off track
For towing
Excessive idling
Engine running out of hours

Alexandre Boudreau | 1-800-Got-Junk? Montreal et Laurentide

To everyone, just want to thank you for having a wonderful product at affordable rates! My mum was driving the other night took a wrong turn & got lost for 45 minutes... I was able to track her & get her home safely. Thanks again!"

Gina Shier

Where I see the value in the system is of course locate my truck during the day, for Add Ons, see if there are close to client when I get called from dispatch for no call ahead calls… Review the routes with Truck team to coach them on route management. Speeding also is a good metric to track for me.

Gilles Dubé 1-800-Got-Junk? Franchisé - Montérégie & sud du Québec``

I have purchased a GPS tracking system that will be installed in all of our buses in Canada. This system (that we have been using in Calgary for the last three weeks) reports when a bus is started, moving, idling, stopped and parked at any given second. It has already proven to be invaluable in reconciling trip hours in Calgary."

General Manager, Bus Company

Use GPS tracking to audit hours reported (start/end times), to monitor truck location and stops as a means of preventing employee theft of scrap metal money, and to monitor location throughout the day.

Chris Kirk, 1-800-Got-Junk? Connecticut SW