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With a strong presence in USA, Canada, and Mexico
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Over one billion miles driven annually.
(That is 12 round trips to Mars)

About Us

POSITRACE is an international Fleet Management Solution with a strong presence in Canada, USA, and Mexico, dedicated to providing real-time location and control of your vehicles and assets anytime, anywhere.

Powered by our experienced software development team, customers save money on fuel, cell-phone bills, and other operational costs, increase safety and productivity, and prevent loss of vehicles and equipment.

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Ribbon time management
Fleet Management
Monitor resources, automate maintenance, and regain control over your vehicles.
Ribbon save money
Save Money
Reduce theft, prevent accidents, and optimize routes for lower fuel consumption.
Ribbon increase
increase productivity
Real-time GPS tracking lets you make better decisions for increased productivity.

Why us?

Our fleet management solution is designed to provide real-time location and control of your vehicles and assets anytime, anywhere. Our platform gives you:

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Our clients

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Success Stories

Ladysmith duncan ld logo
Ladysmith & Duncan LD

“Positrace GPS has been a great investment for our business. It is so easy to get started and is an excellent tool to track our fleet maintenance. The customer service was spectacular from the sales to implementation. We rely on the GPS so much now, we don’t know what we’d do without it!”

Aloha construction inc  logo
Aloha Construction Inc

“The team at Positrace is outstanding. We are saving money and improving our operations. I can now track my whole fleet right from my PDA! Installing the GPS systems was one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

I highly recommend Global Fleet Management to all of my colleagues, and they thank me for it.”

J a trucking logo
J&A Trucking
Oil & Gas

“The Positrace system, in my opinion, is the best! When customers inquire, within a few seconds we know how long would it be for the truck get to the locations. This is a great customer service tool. A very good part of this system is that it's compact and can be installed under the dashboard. The support team is knowledgeable and helpful. This platform is on top of the game and one step ahead of everyone else!”

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